HurricaneSwap Bi-weekly Recap: Week 1&2

Hurricane Major News

On October 10th the first version of HurricaneSwap went live with 3.6 million $HCT staked on day 1, which accounted for 70% of the circulating supply. With continuous efforts of the community and Hurricane team, the mainnet has been running smoothly.


Product updates

1. Launch Testnet V2

Testnet V2 is launched with the second implementation of the Roke Protocol. Currently, the Roke Protocol implemented assets liquidity cross-chain from test Binance Smart Chain to Avalanche FUJI Chain. For now, the whole syncing time of both chains is 5 seconds. In the future, the syncing time may adjust based on gas.

2. HurricaneAlliance test-version deployed

After Testnet V2 launched, HurricaneAlliance goes live with a specific arbitrage method, leveraging the price gap between test-HurricaneSwap (Avalanche FUJI Chain) and fork-PancakeSwap (testBSC) within 1%.

3. Deploy a Fork-Pancakeswap on testBSC

On Oct. 14th, the HurricaneSwap team deployed a fork-pancakeswap on testBSC to help users obtain test assets, participate in the Testnet V2, and implement cross-chain liquidity. Moreover, the fork-pancakeswap will also implement the test of HurricaneAlliance and arbitrage function.

4. Launch Mainnet V1

On Oct. 10th the Mainnet V1 launched on Avalanche C-chain. This version includes a basic DEX , Farm & Stake function tested on the FUJI testnet (with version name “Testnet V1”) but does not have a liquidity cross-chain function.

5. Stake function launched

The Stake function of HCT is launched. Providing a better method to distribute 0.1% re-purchase reward to users.

6. Updated Farm pool & multiplier

Adding non-HCT pool and HCT/USDC pool in the farm. Adjust the multiplier between Pool 1 and Pool 2 to balance the rewards of both.

7. Bug Fixed

Multiple bugs of the Roke Protocol and on-chain DEX, including icon, link, and typesetting, have been fixed.

Partnership, podcasts and AMAs




1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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