Announcement of the Launch of HurricaneSwap Mainnet & $HCT Trading

1 min readOct 10, 2021

Dear users:

We are very happy to announce that HurricaneSwap Mainnet will be officially launched at 14:00 UTC on October 10th, and $HCT will be available for trading simultaneously on MEXC Global, ZB, MDEX and HurricaneSwap.

HurricaneSwap is the 1st cross-chain liquidity DEX based on Avalanche. With the innovative LP-Bridge mechanism (Roke Protocol), users can trade popular assets of other chains without leaving Avalanche. And taking the advantages of Avalanche, HurricaneSwap provides users with a high-performance, low slippage, low-cost and seamless cross-chain trading experience.

In addition, the liquidity mining of the following pairs will be available on HurricaneSwap official website:

$HCT (Single-sided)



$QI x $HCT

$LINK.e x $HCT

$WBTC.e x $HCT

$AAVE.e x $HCT

$CRV.e x $HCT

$USDT.e x $HCT

For more details, please refer to

Thanks for your support. Let’s participate in and realize the value of HurricaneSwap together!

HurricaneSwap Team