Launch of HurricaneSwap Testnet V2 & Station Tutorial

3 min readOct 13, 2021


We are happy to announce the launch of HurricaneSwap Testnet V2 The main features of HurricaneStation and other major features will be open for testing.

HurricaneSwap mainnet has been launched for 2 days. All the issues of cross-chain bridge delay and farm front-end display have been solved, and every feature is working smoothly. Currently, TVL has reached 6.7 million $USDT, of which 13 million $HCT is staking in the $HCT single-sided pool, accounting for 65% of the total circulation.

Before the tutorial for HurricaneStation, here is the link for swap & farm:

HurricaneStation Tutorial(BSC only)


(1) add Binance Smart Chain Testnet

There are 2 ways to add the BSC test network

Method 1:Quickly add the BSC test network via Chainlist

Visit, search “Binance Smart Chain Testnet”,Connect Wallet.

Method 2:Custom RPC

RPC setting:

Network Name:bsc-testnet







Chain ID:97

Currency Symbol (optional):BNB

Block Explorer URL (optional):

(2) How to get the test network BNB


Fill your testnet address in the address bar and click “Give me BNB” to get 1 BNB.

(3) How to use the BSC testnet Swap

Switch the Metamask wallet to the bsc-testnet

Visit and connect to the BSC testnet wallet.

Exchange for the tokens you need to cross-chain(Note: Keep partial BNB as gas fee)

(4) Add liquidity in HurricaneStation

Visit and connect to the BSC testnet wallet

Add liquidity (take CAKE/USDT as example)

Click【Add】scale in the number of CAKE/USDT to confirm the information

Remove liquidity

Click [Remove] to select the proportion to be removed to confirm the information

Welcome to experience the HurricaneStation function first, and provide us with optimization suggestions. You can submit suggestions to: