HurricaneSwap Bi-weekly Recap: Week 1&2

3 min readOct 25, 2021

Hurricane Major News

On October 10th the first version of HurricaneSwap went live with 3.6 million $HCT staked on day 1, which accounted for 70% of the circulating supply. With continuous efforts of the community and Hurricane team, the mainnet has been running smoothly.


  • $40M+ TVL (Peak Value)
  • $5,996,732.01 Daily Trading Volume (Peak Value)
  • 7,614 Interactive Addresses
  • 136,542 Transacations
  • 81,665 Page Visits (Based on devices and data from Google Analytics)
  • 20,326 $HCT Holders

Product updates

1. Launch Testnet V2

Testnet V2 is launched with the second implementation of the Roke Protocol. Currently, the Roke Protocol implemented assets liquidity cross-chain from test Binance Smart Chain to Avalanche FUJI Chain. For now, the whole syncing time of both chains is 5 seconds. In the future, the syncing time may adjust based on gas.

2. HurricaneAlliance test-version deployed

After Testnet V2 launched, HurricaneAlliance goes live with a specific arbitrage method, leveraging the price gap between test-HurricaneSwap (Avalanche FUJI Chain) and fork-PancakeSwap (testBSC) within 1%.

3. Deploy a Fork-Pancakeswap on testBSC

On Oct. 14th, the HurricaneSwap team deployed a fork-pancakeswap on testBSC to help users obtain test assets, participate in the Testnet V2, and implement cross-chain liquidity. Moreover, the fork-pancakeswap will also implement the test of HurricaneAlliance and arbitrage function.

4. Launch Mainnet V1

On Oct. 10th the Mainnet V1 launched on Avalanche C-chain. This version includes a basic DEX , Farm & Stake function tested on the FUJI testnet (with version name “Testnet V1”) but does not have a liquidity cross-chain function.

5. Stake function launched

The Stake function of HCT is launched. Providing a better method to distribute 0.1% re-purchase reward to users.

6. Updated Farm pool & multiplier

Adding non-HCT pool and HCT/USDC pool in the farm. Adjust the multiplier between Pool 1 and Pool 2 to balance the rewards of both.

7. Bug Fixed

Multiple bugs of the Roke Protocol and on-chain DEX, including icon, link, and typesetting, have been fixed.

Partnership, podcasts and AMAs


  • The founder of HurricaneSwap, Symington Smith, will participate in an AMA at community on 25th October.
  • Special Farm Reward for HurricaneSwap V1 testnet winners
  • Trading Competition on HurricaneSwap