HurricaneSwap Testnet Rewards Distribution & Additional FARM Rewards

3 min readOct 23, 2021


Previously, HurricaneSwap held a testnet event, and nearly 200,000 addresses participated in the test. As rewards, a total of over 2.2 million HCT will be allocated to around 140,000 eligible addresses including testnet “swap&farm” and “bug bounty” winners.


Users can visit our official site to claim your HCT rewards, and a little $AVAX (around 0.002) for gas fee is needed.

After connecting your wallet with Avalanche C-Chain, you can check and claim your HCT rewards.

You have more than 7 days (09:00 AM, Oct 24th — 23:59 AM, Oct 31th UTC) to claim your rewards. And you will receive the tokens as soon as you claim and the on-chain transaction completes.

FARM Rewards for Testnet Winners

To encourage users to participate in the various functions of HurricaneSwap, we decided to add additional rewards for the testnet winners who FARM in the xHCT single-sided pool. A snapshot will be taken at random height of block on Oct 30th (UTC), and only those with a stake of no less than 500 xHCT in the FARM can be qualified.

Users will be ranked according to the amount of xHCT they stake:

1–100: 500 HCT for each

101–500: 250 HCT for each

501–1000: 100 HCT for each

No rewards for the ones ranked after 1000.

FARM rewards will be directly sent to the address on November 5th.

xHCT Introduction & Guides

What’s xHCT?

How to stake xHCT in the FARM?

  1. Visit, stake HCT for xHCT to share 0.1% of all trades.

2. Go to farm , and stake xHCT for liquidity mining rewards.

Other Guides

HurricaneSwap Trading Tutorial:

Transfer AVAX Between the X-Chain and C-Chain

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