HurricaneSwap Trading Tutorial

5 min readOct 10, 2021

i. How to add Avalanche Network

  1. Metamask & Browser

Please prepare a Metamask wallet and a browser that supports Metamask, such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Firefox, etc.

Download the Metamask browser plug-in wallet:

2. Add Avalanche Network

You can add the Avalanche Network in two ways:

Method 1: Chainlist

1)Visit and connect your Metamask wallet

2)Search “Avalanche Network”, click “Add to Metamask”

3) Switch Metamask to Avalanche Network

Open Metamask and select the network drop-down box

Find “Avalanche Network “, select it to switch the network

Method 2: Custom RPC in Metamask

1)Open Metamask and click to select network

2)Select “Custom RPC”

3)Enter the following information:

Network Name: Avalanche Network


Chain ID: 43114

Currency Symbol: AVAX

Block Explorer URL:

4)Save and switch to “Avalanche Network”

ii. AVAX X-Chain → C-Chain → Metamask

1)AVAX X-Chain → C-Chain

If you have AVAX on X-chain,Click on the “Cross Chain” on the left.

Choose the “C Chain (Contract)” as the destination chain and enter the corresponding quantity.

2)AVAX C-Chain → Metamask

On the left side of the Avalanche web wallet, select “send”

Select “C Contract” as the Source Chain and select the corresponding quantity

Enter your MetaMask wallet address by copying and pasting it into the “To Address” field on your Avalanche wallet.

Confirm and finalize the transaction.

iii. HurricaneSwap Tutorial

1. How to use HurricaneSwap?

1)Switch to “Avalanche Network” in Metamask

2) Visit

2. Swap

Click “Swap” in the upper left corner, or “Start trading” on the homepage to enter the Swap page. To use the Swap function, please switch the Metamask network to the Avalanche Network.

In addition to trading functions, the Swap page also supports adding liquidity to assets on Avalanche.

3. Farm

Farm is currently the most important way to obtain HCT. By staking the LP-Token of the designated trading pair, users can get the corresponding amount of HCT rewards. Liquidity mining produces a total of 1 million HCT per day.

Click the “Farm” button.

Page layout: The Farm page supports two methods: list layout and card layout, which can be adjusted according to your preferences. This tutorial will be based on the list layout.

Obtain LP-Token

To participate in the Farm to obtain liquidity mining income, please provide liquidity for the specified trading pair in HurricaneSwap and obtain the corresponding LP-Token.

You can click “Get HCT-*LP” to jump to the Add Liquidity page of the relevant Token.

After adding liquidity, you can get the corresponding amount of LP Token. Then return to the Farm page and stake your LP Token to get rewards.

To stake your LP Token for the first time, please allow the contract call first, click “Enable”, and confirm on the pop-up wallet page.

On the staking page, you can see the details about the staking LPs.

Enter the amount you want to stake, click “Confirm” to confirm the transaction to complete.

After staking, you can view your staking and income on the Farm page.

Click “Harvest” to get the HCT generated by staking.

Click the “+” to add more, and “-” to reduce.

When you add or reduce, it will automatically harvest.

$HCT Contract:







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