Winners of the Whole HurricaneSwap Testnet Reward Program

HurricaneSwap launched the testnet with a reward program on August 30th. The reward program has already ended on September 20th, but the testnet will last until the launch of mainnet for new birds to try out.

And here is a simple summary for testnet:

  • 191,855 HCT Holders, 35% of total FUJI Testnet addresses (all time)
  • 100k+ users (based on IP) from 160+ countries and regions
  • Over 3.1 million interactions, 83% of total FUJI Testnet interactions (Aug 30th — Sept 20th)

Thanks to all the supporters. Together, we made it! Our aim is to truly realize all the good visions of HurricaneSwap through the efforts of the team and the community. And those who care and contribute to HurricaneSwap will definitely be rewarded.

HurricaneSwap Testnet Rewards

Rules Made in the Early Stage

  1. Swap & Farm Test

Users will be ranked according to the HCT(test token) they hold.

The top 20% of users share an average of 300,000 HCT(mainnet token).

The remaining users share 700,000 HCT (mainnet token) according to the proportion of their HCT(test token) holdings.

You have to complete the entire process (swap-add liquidity-farm-harvest) to be eligible for the reward.

2. Bug Bounty

Any suggestion or bugs submitted during the test will be rewarded. Once the team adopts the proposal, 100–1000 HCT(mainnet token) will be awarded according to the quality of the submitted content. If multiple people submit the same or similar content, only the first one will get rewards.

Besides, Users who submit very high-quality suggestions or serious bugs can be rewarded by the IDO whitelist.

Please email with a detailed description and your Avalanche C-Chain Address. The rewards will be directly sent to the address you provide.

3. Additional Rewards

The additional 600,000 HCT and $100,000 IDO whitelist reward rules will be announced in the future. This will be a much fairer mechanism that people who care and contribute to HurricaneSwap will definitely be rewarded.


Supplementary Rules

The additional rewards are based on your active days on testnet, number of interactions with smart contracts, community & SNS tasks, etc. The activeness and engagement index is calculated by a rigorous calculation formula and has nothing to do with how many HCT you hold.

And the reasons for being considered not eligible :

  1. Scripts (tens of thousands)

2. Not complete the entire process (swap-add liquidity-farm-harvest)

Mostly HARVEST, many users were farming from the beginning to the end though we repeatedly reminded in various ways.

3. Less than 0.01 HCT

It is impossible for normal users to get less than 0.01 HCT unless he deliberately acts maliciously to increase the number of addresses to dilute the rewards for the top 20% holders.

4. HCT or aToken transfer

Actually, very few people were eliminated for this reason only. We keep those addresses that only sent or only received 1–2 times for someone did do this to help others.


  1. Bug Bounty

The HCT reward is independent of others, and the IDO whitelist is included in the $100k IDO whitelist.

Google Sheet:


2. $100k IDO Whitelist

This consists of 3 parts: (1) Bug Bounty (2) Swap & Farm engamement (3)Active members in all communities or social media,etc who helped others and contributed to the project in all ways.

Google Sheet:


3. HCT rewards: over 2.2 million HCT

(1) Bug Bounty (118k HCT)

A total of 118,410 HCT is rewarded for bug bounty and it is independent of other HCT rewards.

(2) Swap & Farm (1 million HCT)

The snapshot of HCT holders for the testnet reward program took place at the testnet block height 1671185. The time is near 09:00 UTC, Sept 20th.

There are 137,547 eligible addresses, of which 27,510 addresses are in the top 20%. The threshold for the top 20% is 120.5626038 HCT which is easy to reach even if you only get 5–10 test AVAX in the early stage.

(3) Additional Reward (600k HCT)

  • 20 HCT for each participant who completed tasks in all communities and social media.
  • Ranking by engagement, 30 HCT for each ranking 1–5,000,20 HCT for each ranking 5,001–10,000, 10 HCT for each ranking 10,001–19,126. You only need to click 1–2 times every other day to meet the minimum criteria.

(4) Additional 525k bonus for top 20% holders

Given the reasons below, we added an additional reward of 525,300 HCT to the top 20% users.

  • The top 20% holders are much more active than others according to on-chain data.
  • Too many addresses with small amout to dilute the rewards for the top 20% holders that only 11 HCT for the 1st one while 30 HCT for the 27511th.

The 525,300 HCT will be evenly distributed to the top 20% holders so that the reward for each top 20% holder will be increased to 30 HCT.

Google Sheet for part (2) (3) (4)

Last but not the least, all the HCT rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after TGE (10/10). And you may need to make a simple claim on our official website.





1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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