Winners of the Whole HurricaneSwap Testnet Reward Program

  • 191,855 HCT Holders, 35% of total FUJI Testnet addresses (all time)
  • 100k+ users (based on IP) from 160+ countries and regions
  • Over 3.1 million interactions, 83% of total FUJI Testnet interactions (Aug 30th — Sept 20th)

HurricaneSwap Testnet Rewards

  1. Swap & Farm Test
  1. Scripts (tens of thousands)
  1. Bug Bounty
  • 20 HCT for each participant who completed tasks in all communities and social media.
  • Ranking by engagement, 30 HCT for each ranking 1–5,000,20 HCT for each ranking 5,001–10,000, 10 HCT for each ranking 10,001–19,126. You only need to click 1–2 times every other day to meet the minimum criteria.
  • The top 20% holders are much more active than others according to on-chain data.
  • Too many addresses with small amout to dilute the rewards for the top 20% holders that only 11 HCT for the 1st one while 30 HCT for the 27511th.



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