New Rewards for HurricaneSwap Testnet

2 min readSep 11, 2021

Dear friends in the community,

Thanks for your support to HurricaneSwap. Since the HurricaneSwap testnet was launched on August 30, not only has the number of users surpassed 75,000, but the transaction volume once occupied 72% of the entire Fuji testnet.

However, due to the high popularity of the testnet, the AVAX Fuji Testnet Faucet cannot work normally for users to receive the test AVAX. Therefore, many users can only receive a small amount of AVAX through community activities, and the test HCT obtained is also very small.

After thorough consideration and discussion, the HurricaneSwap team decided to extend the testnet event to 9:00 am UTC September 20, and in addition to the aforementioned 1 million HCT, 600,000 HCT and $100,000 IDO whitelist will be added to the rewards.


1. Swap & Farm Test

The original distribution rule of 1 million HCT remains unchanged, that is, Users will be ranked according to the HCT(test token) they hold.

The top 20% of users share an average of 300,000 HCT(mainnet token);

The remaining users share 700,000 HCT (mainnet token) according to the proportion of their HCT(test token) holdings.

You have to complete the entire process (swap-add liquidity-farm-harvest) to be eligible for the reward.

2. Bug Bounty

Any suggestion or bugs submitted during the test will be rewarded. Once the team adopts the proposal, 100–1000 HCT(mainnet token) will be awarded according to the quality of the submitted content. If multiple people submit the same or similar content, only the first one will get rewards.

Besides, Users who submit very high-quality suggestions or serious bugs can be rewarded by the IDO whitelist.

Please email with a detailed description and your Avalanche C-Chain Address. The rewards will be directly sent to the address you provide.

3. Additional Rewards

The additional 600,000 HCT and $100,000 IDO whitelist reward rules will be announced in the future. This will be a much fairer mechanism that people who care and contribute to HurricaneSwap will definitely be rewarded.

We hope that all of you can provide us with more suggestions and feedback. The development of HurricaneSwap requires the joint efforts of everyone. Thanks!