Migrate liquidity from V1 to V2

3 min readDec 15, 2021

Due to the addition of more new features, for security considerations, we redeployed most contracts. There is no intercommunication between V1 and V2. To enjoy more benefits, users need to migrate the liquidity of V1 to V2.

For xHCT, you only need to unstake from Farm-V1 and then stake into Farm-V2 to continue yield farming.

For LP tokens, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Unstake your LP tokens in HurricaneSwap V1

Visit HurricaneSwap.com

Click [Migrate] to the Migrate page

Click [Go Farm-V1] to the Farm page if you staked LP tokens in the farms.

(Or you can go directly to the Farm page via HurricaneSwap V1.)

click [-] to reduce the quantity to complete the token redemption. Click [Max] and [Confirm], and confirm in your wallet.

2. Migrate from V1 to V2

Visit the Migrate page from Homepage or Swap-My liquidity, click [Migrate] (in HurricaneSwap V1)

If you cannot find your liquidity, you can [Import it] by selecting corresponding pairs.

Click [Max] and [Migrate], and confirm in your wallet.

3. Check your LP tokens in HurricaneSwap V2

Visit HurricaneSwap V2, go to the “Liquidity” page and you can find your LP tokens in “My Liquidity” when your migration transaction is done.

Then you can keep yield farming on the “Earn” page.

‼️The migration may fail if the price change significantly when you migrate.

‼️You can take “Migration” as a automatic process to remove liquidity in V1 and add liquidity in V2. Since the price gap between V1 and V2, you can hardly obtain a completely equivalent number of LP, and there must be a token of the pair exceeding the need for adding liquidity, then the contract will refund this part to you automatically in the same transaction. You can check for details on https://snowtrace.io/.