Introducing to sHCT

sHCT is another staking mechanism similar to xHCT. You can stake your HCT to get sHCT and share a reward of 0.1% of all trades with xHCT. The initial reward ratio of sHCT and xHCT is 1:1, and the ratio will be determined by the staking amount of sHCT and xHCT later.

Unlike the ratio of xHCT/HCT that will keep increasing, the ratio of sHCT/HCT will constantly be 1:1.

Besides the WAVAX rewards, you can also deposit sHCT in “Earn-Pool” to receive the HCT yield farming reward.


  1. 2 days as a reward period currently.


DO NOT transfer your sHCT to others or buy sHCT from others!!!

If User A staked 100 HCT and got 100 sHCT, and transferred the 100 sHCT to User B, then

  1. A will still be able to get the WAVAX rewards for the 100 sHCT;



(1) There are 5 blocks in a period.

(2) The total rewards for this period are 100 WAVAX.

(3) Only 3 users (A, B & C) participate in sHCT.

So the reward for each block = 100/5=20 WAVAX, and the rewards for each user are as follows:

The number in each block means the cumulative quantity of (HCT staked for sHCT — sHCT unstaked for HCT) from the beginning to this block.



1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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