Introducing HurricaneSwap V2

3 min readDec 15, 2021

HurricaneSwap V1 was launched in October 2021 as an AMM on Avalanche C-Chain.

In HurricaneSwap V2, we will officially launch the core feature — Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX. In addition, supporting features such as HurricaneAlliance and DAO governance will also be gradually opened up.

Currently, HurricaneSwap V2 has achieved cross-chain synchronization between the Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche C-chain. Through HurricaneStation on BSC, liquidity providers can provide the liquidity of native-chain assets without leaving BSC, while Avalanche C-Chain users can trade BSC assets without leaving Avalanche.

This is a crucial step for HurricaneSwap, and the first step for cross-chain Liquidity to be indeed implemented in the DeFi field of Avalanche.

With the operation of cross-chain LP DEX, we will support more assets and chains gradually, allowing users to trade assets on multiple chains in one account and one chain without the need for cumbersome asset handling, and eventually achieving the goal of reaching or even surpassing the use experience of CEX on DEX.


  • HurricaneStation on BSC

Users can deposit the CAKE and USDT in the HurricaneStation on BSC to generate CAKE/USDT LP. Then the Roke Protocol will mint the same amount of aCAKE/aUSDT on the Avalanche to provide liquidity so that users can trade aCAKE or aUSDT on HurricaneSwap.

  • HurricaneAlliance

If there is a great price gap between CAKE on BSC and aCAKE on Avalanche, HurricaneAlliance will narrow the price gap by arbitrage between aCAKE and CAKE to avoid the losses to users due to the price differences.

As of now, HurricaneAlliance is only operated by the team and open for invited trading agencies. But in the future, it will be available for everyone to apply. The time and requirements for application will be announced later. Everyone will have the chance to arbitrage and earn the rewards as Alliance nodes.

  • Liquidity Migration

Due to the addition of more new features, fwe redeployed most contracts for security considerations There is no intercommunication between V1 and V2. To enjoy more benefits, users need to migrate the liquidity of V1 to V2.

Upcoming in V2

  • Cross-Chain LP Farm

Users can bridge their LP token from other chains to Avalanche C-Chain, and earn the HCT by yield farming.

  • Dual-reward Mining

Farms with HCT and another token rewards.

  • sHCT

Similar to xHCT but with WAVAX rewards.

  • DAO

DAO will be launched during V2: voting, burning mechanism and other features will be introduced.

  • More Chains and More Assets

We have deployed the Station on BSC, and more chains and more cross-chain tokens will be integrated later.


  • New Liquidity Page

We move the add/remove liquidity page from the swap page to a separate one, which is called “Liquidity”.

  • New Farm Page

We divide the farms into FARM and POOL, and both are included in the “Earn” topbar. Pairs (the LP token) will be included in FARM, while single-sided staking such as xHCT, sHCT, cross-chain LP token, etc., will be included on the POOL page.

  • Domain Migration of V1

HurricaneSwap V1 will adopt a new domain.