HurricaneSwap V2: Hurricane Effect Program

Dear members,

The HurricaneSwap V2 will be officially launched at 08:00 AM, Dec 15th (UTC). We do appreciate your support and have prepared up to 2,000,000 HCT as the reward to launch the Hurricane Effect program.

Starting Time: 08:00 AM, Dec 13(UTC)

End Time: 08:00 AM, Dec 31(UTC)


1. You can get 100 HCT rewards after completing the essential tasks;

2. You will get 50 HCT rewards each time a friend you invited completes the essential tasks;

3. The event will issue a maximum of 2,000,000 HCT, and the event will end in advance when the total rewards for all users reach 2,000,000;

4. The top 10 addresses with the most friends invited will share an additional 50,000 HCT reward.

5. To be eligible, all users participating in the program need to trade aCAKE of any amount in HurricaneSwap V2 before 08:00 AM, Dec 31 (UTC). The official claim page will be available 10 days after the event ends.

Task Flow:

  1. Search @hurricanemaster_bot in Telegram or enter the referral link if you have to start;
  2. Follow the instruction and join the groups;
  3. Follow the official Twitter and Quote Tweet the pinned tweet with your Avalanche C-Chain address;
  4. Generate the referral link and share.

You can view your wallet address, referral link, and the rewards you have obtained in the toolbar in the Telegram chat with @hurricanemaster_bot.


  1. Cannot open referral link in Telegram

You can open the link in your browser and “VIEW IN TELEGRAM”

2. No “continue” button / cannot verify captcha / cannot proceed to the next step after completing the former.

Unstable network, try to connect to a better network and restart by input /start




1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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