HurricaneSwap Bi-weekly Recap: Week 25&26

1 min readApr 11, 2022

Hurricane Major News

Check the null address for all burning details:


  • $9,222,859 Total Value Locked (TVL, Peak Value)
  • $296,760 Daily Trading Volume (Peak Value)
  • 31,826 $HCT Holders
  • 4,244 Interactive Users (Google Analytics)
  • 1,052 Actively Trading Users

Product Updates

Prepare for the launch of NHCT

  • The code audit of the NHCT has been completed and will be open sourced in a few days.
  • The final test of the NHCT token is completed, and converting HCT to the NHCT function has been launched at 22:00 Apr 10.

NFT Market Design & Development

  • The land page and NHCT page are updated with a new compression design that will help users load the page quickly.
  • Basic page design is completed, including Avalanche C-Chain NFT assets trading and collection setting.
  • Complete the development of the contract, and conduct internal testing currently.