HurricaneSwap Bi-weekly Recap: Week 17&18

Hurricane Major News


  • $15,203,668 Total Value Locked (TVL, Peak Value)
  • $131,660 Daily Trading Volume (Peak Value)
  • 31,852 $HCT Holders
  • 3,872 Interactive Users (Google Analytics)
  • 1,583 Actively trading users

Product Updates

  • List Harmony (ONE)

HurricaneStation and bridge now support $ONE/USDT;

New Farms & Pools: HCT-aONE; bHc-ONE/USDT

  • Adjust the reward allocation of Stake
    The dividend (0.1% fee) ratio of xHCT and sHCT has been adjusted from 1:1 to 1:3 according to the staked amount of xHCT and sHCT.
  • New product design & development




1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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