HurricaneSwap Bi-weekly Recap: Week 15&16

Hurricane Major News


  • $17,584,249 Total Value Locked (TVL, Peak Value)
  • $315,250 Daily Trading Volume (Peak Value)
  • 31,891 $HCT Holders
  • 4,710 Interactive Users (Google Analytics)
  • 1,723 Actively trading users

Product Updates

  • List Cardano and Polkadot

HurricaneStation and bridge now support $ADA/USDT and $DOT/USDT;

New Farms: HCT-aADA, HCT-aDOT


  • Launch DAO

A voting page based on Snapshot is live. Users who deposit sHCT and xHCT in Pools can vote for proposals.

Initiate 3 proposals of which 1 & 2 have been passed, and proposal 3 (remove non-HCT pairs in farms) is processing.

  • Locking Mechanism for sHCT

Launch sHCT Lock page. Users can lock sHCT for 180 days and receive a higher HCT reward, as well as WAVAX fee rewards.

  • Front-end optimization




1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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