HurricaneSwap Bi-weekly Recap: Week 13&14

Hurricane Major News


  • $20,707,935 Total Value Locked (TVL, Peak Value)
  • $831,360 Daily Trading Volume (Peak Value)
  • 32,253 $HCT Holders
  • 9,965 Interactive Users (Google Analytics)
  • 2,283 Actively trading users

Product Updates

  1. List $MBOX and $ALPACA

HurricaneStation and bridge now support $MBOX/USDT and $ALPACA/USDT;



2. DAO design & development

A voting page based on Snapshot is now completed and will be launched soon. Users can vote for a new token list, adjust the farm/pool multiplier, and new function development.

3. New lock contract design & development

A new sHCT lock contract & economic model is developing, users could choose to lock sHCT for a specific period and receive HCT reward (more than Farm/Pool reward) as well as WAVAX fee rewards.

4. Others

Fix front-end bugs
New sHCT lock page design


  • DAO & Proposal Voting
  • Burning Mechanism
  • Roadmap for Q1 2022
  • New Tokens / Pools / Farms




1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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