HurricaneSwap Bi-weekly Recap: Week 11&12

Hurricane Major News


  • $14,210,183 Total Value Locked (TVL, Peak Value)
  • $886,991 Daily Trading Volume (Peak Value)
  • 31,253 $HCT Holders
  • 5,130 Interactive Addresses
  • 3,981 Actively trading users

Product Updates

1. Update arbitrage logic

The HurricaneAlliance arbitrage logic is updated. Previously, the arbitrager could only arbitrage through the USDT — SourceToken and sometimes caused a considerable price gap. Currently, a customized arbitrage method is launched, it supports a multi-hop swap and price detection so that arbitrager could arbitrage assets through non-USDT pair, as well as a lower price gap.

2. Complete the research of governance model

The governance model of HurricaneSwap is initially complete. Users could vote for proposals to add new assets, adjust farm multipliers, and others. The voting function will launch soon.

3. Add Venus asset

The Station and Bridge now support XVS/USDT liquidity providing. The Farm now supports bHc-XVS/USDT liquidity mining.

4. Launch Station-LP bridge

The Bridge function is launched. LPs in BSC could deposit their HurricaneStation LP in Bridge and map to Avalanche, then deposit in Pool to participate in the liquidity mining and receive $HCT rewards.

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1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche

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