Hurricane DAO is LIVE!

3 min readJan 20, 2022


HurricaneSwap will launch DAO on 2022/1/20, 08:00 AM (UTC). Two proposals will be introduced at the same time: (1) reduce the output of HurricaneAlliance by 50%; (2) vote for new token listing.

Hurricane DAO is based on Snapshot, and users can vote to decide the development of HurricaneSwap.

DAO website: or visit HurricaneSwap Homepage-More-Vote.

Initiate a proposal

  1. Currently, only official proposals are allowed, and the permission will be open to users in the near future.
  2. After the proposal is initiated, it will take 24 hours to take effect. And the user’s voting power is calculated according to the snapshot at the block height when initiating the proposal.
  3. The proposal will last for 72 hours and will only pass if the total votes exceed 5,000,000 HCT. (It may change for each proposal.)


  1. Visit Hurricane DAO, connect your wallet

Join and SIGN in your wallet (No gas needed)

2. Choose a proposal to vote

There will be a snapshot at a certain block height, and if you have no xHCT or sHCT staking in the Pool at that block height, you will have no right to vote.

Choose the choice, vote and SIGN in your wallet (No gas needed)

Then you can check the result and your votes here.

Votes Calculation

Your voting power = sHCT*1 + xHCT*1.

sHCT and xHCT have to be staked in the Pool, 1 sHCT = 1 xHCT = 1 HCT when voting and calculating.