How to Use the Hurricane Bridge (For Heco & BSC Users)

2 min readOct 10, 2021


Users who participated in Hurricane Token (HCT) IDO on DuckSTARTER (BSC) and WeStarter (Heco) can use the One-way Bridge to cross-chain their HCT (BEP20 & HRC20) to Avalanche C-chain. Here is the tutorial of our One-way Bridge:

1. Visit

Click “Transfer”, select “Bridge”, then select the corresponding chain

Note: The Bridge will open on Oct. 10th at 2:00 PM UTC. It is a One-Way Bridge that you cannot back to HECO/BSC after cross-chain succeeded.

2. Fill in the amount, click “Next” (Bridge Fee: 10 HCT)

3. Click “Swap”, then confirm in Metamask wallet.

4. After clicked “confirm” in your wallet, you will see the progress page

5. After the transaction is confirmed on Avalanche C-chain, you will receive HCT in your wallet with the same address. You can also view the results in explorer.

1. The time you receive the HCT is based on the Avalanche C-chain Network status. If it is jammed, it may take a bit more time.