Are you ready! Welcome to a truly free economy

HurricaneSwap is a decentralized trading platform that supports the conversion of multi-chain asset certificates. We believe that in the current form of the Defi economy, HurricaneSwap is one of the projects that can realize a truly free economic form.

The full name of Defi is decentralized financial economy, and the earliest official appearance was in the first edition of ETH’s initial white paper. Because of this concept, for a long time in the past, especially when ETH did its first fundraising, Vitalik was once criticized and hostile on the bitcointalk forum. It is a pity that Vitalik and Santoshi have not had any exchanges, and there is no overlap in time. Otherwise,Our team believes that Santoshi will express a strong interest in Vitalik’s bold idea.

Unfortunately,with the development of ETH ,high GAS fees have caused high transaction costs on the Ethereum network, forcing people to develop new public chains to reduce asset transaction costs.With the emergence of one by one public chains, a new generation of transaction islands has been formed. This development is far from Santoshi’s definition of a free economy.

At present, the stupid way to realize cross-public chain transactions on the market is realized through centralized exchange ( CEX ), that is, to use the original deposit pool of the exchange to achieve this transaction demand, but this transaction method is based on the original intention of the Defi economy Contradictions developed. Security, privacy, cost, and even transaction methods have been broken again, and new free economic issues have been put in front of people again.

Defi was originally a decentralized finance, but as the public chains were established one by one, it gradually formed its own transaction cycle, gradually

Gradually, each public chain has become a unique trading island. In order to break the economic pressure of such trading islands, cross-chain projects have gradually emerged, through technology, guarantees, multi-signatures, etc., to achieve mutual transformation of assets. But this is equivalent to just building a single-plank bridge in each transaction island, because the asset types and asset complexity they allow are relatively simple, and complex asset cross-chains, such as various LP tokens , cannot be realized .

For almost all assets on the public chain, it is relatively easy for LP tokens to interact with each other, such as YFI . However, for cross-chain, public chain interaction only has the function of pure currency interaction, and lacks cross-chain transactions of complex assets. This has caused most of the high transaction costs in the process of asset transactions. In the process, a large amount of time cost and opportunity cost are virtually increased, making cross-chain transactions quite cumbersome.

The desire for a free economy has been challenged again.

HurricaneSwap fundamentally solves the cross-chain transaction of complex assets through a unique market mechanism and cross-chain mechanism. Different from the simple pure currency cross-chain in the past, the cross-chain transaction of LP token has been completed , and it will even extend to the cross-chain economy of comprehensive asset services such as loans, insurance, and asset management in the future. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough innovation to solve the current trading islands and increase market liquidity .

HurricaneSwap is based Avalanche decentralized exchange trading can create multi-chain assets, the Avalanche assets with security protocols and Ethernet Square on the equivalent, while confirming the transaction can be achieved in seconds, combined with cheaper Gas costs more Friendly interoperability, getting rid of the limitations of Ethereum’s insufficient throughput and high gas fees, will definitely change the existing CEX and DEX pattern.

HurricaneSwap will support dozens of underlying blockchains and trade their assets in Avalanche , such as Bitcoin , Ethereum , Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ), HecoChain , OK Chain, etc. The above-mentioned underlying blockchain has the vast majority of high-quality assets in the current cryptocurrency market. HurricaneSwap will also support on-chain governance and develop anchor tokens based on governance decisions to anchor high-quality assets in other chains.

HCT as HurricaneSwap native tokens, motivate HurricaneSwap most important factor in the healthy functioning of the system, but also user participation in governance, important documents on the currency, dividends and transaction verification.

HurricaneSwap attract users and also by helping traffic flow into the Avalanche a more complete ecosystem for the plurality of parties and achieve win-win cooperation, and thus make Avalanche benefit.

HCT has a complete set of token economic incentive mechanism, so that all participants in the ecology can work together to ensure the healthy operation of HurricaneSwap .

As the accumulated locked assets on the decentralized trading platform exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars, there are many new token economics based on LP tokens on the market as “creditors” to provide liquidity.

HurricaneSwap not only allows users to trade their original assets on the protocol, but also obtains more funds and liquidity from other chains by connecting heterogeneous assets to the protocol. For example, access to exchange public chains such as BSC and HECO with millions of users can greatly increase the scale of HurricaneSwap .

Given that Ethereum has major weaknesses in infrastructure and performance, and other high-performance public chains have not yet found a mature cross-chain solution, HurricaneSwap has the opportunity to stand out with its safe, fast and cheap cross-chain mechanism.

With the development of Avalanche , HurricaneSwap, as its transportation portal and ecological gateway, will become the most anticipated and most competitive product in the cross-chain DEX .

1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche