For the launch of HurricaneSwap V2, we started the Hurricane Effect Program on Dec. 13.

And here is the winner list for this program:

The official claim page will be available at 08:00 AM, Jan 10 (UTC). $AVAX as gas fee is needed for claiming the rewards.

Reasons for not eligible:

(1) Not finish the Telegram & Twitter tasks

(2) No trades of aCAKE before 08:00 AM, Dec. 31

(3) Quit Telegram group/channel and/or unfollow HurricaneSwap’s Twitter after finishing the Telegram & Twitter tasks

Reward calculation examples:

If A invited B and C,

(1) If A & B are eligible while C is not, then the reward for A=100+50=150 HCT.

(2) If A is not eligible, then no matter whether B & C are eligible or not, the reward for A=0 HCT.



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