4 New Investments in HurricaneSwap

Recently, HurricaneSwap received new investments in the project by four new parties, including gate.io Labs, Kernel Ventures, ZB Capital, and JD Gagnon — the co-founder of BENQI. This means at present, the financing of HurricaneSwap has officially entered its final stage.

“Whether or not the investors can provide strong support for the development of HurricaneSwap is the primary criterion for selecting investment cooperation.” said Symington Smith, CEO of HurricaneSwap.

HurricaneSwap has obtained the support of a number of well-known crypto funds, top centralized exchanges, media and communities that focus on the DeFi field, and the Avalanche ecosystem, which can help HurricaneSwap in terms of market, products, ecosystem construction and more.

HurricaneSwap is the first cross-chain liquidity DEX based on Avalanche with an advanced LP mechanism. Up to now, the HurricaneSwap testnet which launched at 9:00 AM UTC on August 30 has more than 55,000 participants. The number of transactions accounted for 71.3% of the AVAX Fuji Testnet during the same period.

1st Cross-Chain Liquidity DEX based on Avalanche https://hurricaneswap.com/